Total Customization

We specialize in Costa Rica.  We also specialize in TOTAL CUSTOMIZATION for anyone wanting to experience Costa Rica.  We will work with you to accomplish exactly what you hope for, as well as give you a lot of ideas that will enhance and possibly expand what you are hoping for.

We will provide a detailed itinerary, including all the activities, lodging, meals and transportation, with an estimated budget based on the specific itinerary.

We provide two options:

  1. PLANNING (Itinerary and budget preparation only).
  2. FULL SERVICE (Itinerary and budget preparation, booking of all activities, lodging and transportation).


There are countless adventures awaiting you in Costa Rica, making it a top destination for tourism.  Whether you are zip lining above a cloud forest, relaxing tired muscles in volcanic hot springs, or experiencing culture up close, Costa Rica will satisfy all types of travelers. Sought out activities are already arranged in our feature packages.  Want to customize your own itinerary?  Costa Rica Concepts will tailor your itinerary just for you.  Let us know what you have in mind, and we will guide you through various possibilities and options.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular these days. Costa Rica offers top quality physicians (U.S. standards, English speaking), high quality facilities and services, with Joint Commission International accreditation. The personal attention that the medical personnel give to the patient is highly appreciated. Your savings will be significant, while at the same time you enjoy the “touristic” benefits of this beautiful country.

Costa Rica Concepts will connect you to the physician, medical facility and services that you need. We will handle all of your medical arrangements and appointment scheduling, and of course your lodging and any touristic activities as well. Whether it be a general medical check-up, laboratory tests, MRI, dental, obstetrics, oncology or surgery, Costa Rica delivers high quality services at great prices. A brand new service offered is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Contact us for details.

Depending on your medical needs, you may plan to spend an extended period of time in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Concepts will acquire and arrange special lodging that would still be affordable for longer term.

Volunteer Teams

Even though Costa Rica is well known for its touristic activities, there is a wide range of volunteer opportunities for organizations wanting to have a positive impact on the people of Costa Rica. Granted, tourism does help Costa Rica financially, however a lot can be accomplished with volunteer teams. One thing we have noticed, lives are positively changed on both sides– those volunteering, and those “receiving.”

Whether you are a corporation, school, church, family, couple or individual, Costa Rica Concepts will connect you to the right project. Tell us what you would like to do, and we will give you several options to choose from. Some examples would be:

  • Build a school
  • Build a footbridge so children can safely get to school.
  • Help out at an orphanage, church, or other non-profit organization.
  • Teach English as a second language
  • Help with a community project
  • Help with a local medical clinic
  • Run a sports camp

You will need to decide what type of project your team would like to be involved in, and if location is an issue. There are opportunities for urban, sub-urban and rural locations. You can even work with an indigenous community like the Cabecar or Bribri Indians. Length of time is another aspect to consider. Most volunteer teams run anywhere from a week to two weeks. Costa Rica Concepts will customize your trip based on your time frame and the type of project you want to be involved in.

Are you looking for a longer term commitment? There are different organizations and types of opportunities available. Costa Rica Concepts will help you find what is best for you.


Do you need to communicate something important to an employee, a client, or a patient in Spanish or English? Consider partnering with Costa Rica Concepts to provide you with high quality translation service. Examples include:

• Books
• Corporate documents
• Technical documents
• Legal documents
• Employee handbooks
• Web sites
• Training materials
• Product labels

The final product will be delivered to you electronically and/or physically as contracted.
We charge an average of $.08 per word. We may charge more for highly technical vocabulary. Send us a sample portion and we will furnish you a quote. Fifty percent of the translation quote must be paid before work begins. Copyright laws are taken into account; therefore depending on the document, proof of permission to translate may need to be submitted.
We also do conference call interpretation at $3.45 per minute; five minute minimum pre-paid. Do you need to communicate something important to an employee, a client, a patient? We can handle multiple recipients, so please contact us for details.

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