Q. Do I need a visa to get into Costa Rica?

A. You will fill out a tourist visa form on the plane before your arrival.

Q. How long can I stay on a tourist visa?

A. Three months for U.S. and Canadian citizens (among others).

Q. How do I get a student visa?

A. The academic institution in Costa Rica will normally help you obtain the necessary student visa.

Q. Do I need a passport to enter Costa Rica?

A. Yes, you need a valid passport with at least six months validity upon your return.

Q. What is the monetary unit for Costa Rica and what is the exchange rate?

A. The Costa Rican currency is the Colon.  See table at right for current rates.

Q. What about ATM machines in Costa Rica?

A. ATM machines abound in most areas. Some will dispense dollars as well.

Q. Can I use my credit/debit card in Costa Rica?

A. Yes. Major credit cards are accepted in many stores. However not all; depending on the area, only cash in Colones is accepted. Please note: if using plastic, a valid photo ID is required.  Also, don't forget to let your bank know you will be traveling.

Q. Who manages the in-country expenses?

A.  Depending on your activities in Costa Rica, you may pay the companies and services you use directly; or have Costa Rica Concepts handle all in-country expenses (funds must be sent in advance).  The client is responsible for any and all cancellation costs, and therefore we recommend acquiring trip cancellation insurance.